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New Bantam Instruments Spectrum Analyzer Has Amazing Versatility!

Bantam Instruments of Sunnyvale, California has unveiled a new spectrum analyzer with amazing versatility. The Model 401B Personal Spectrum Analyzer features a full array of accessories, including calibrated E-Field and H-Field Probes, a broadband Active Antenna, and a high gain Preamplifier. The Model 401B is hand-held and battery operated, and it supplies the power required for these measurement accessories. In addition, the Model 401B is fully programmable, making it ideal for remote monitoring and automated test applications.

The Model 401B makes EMC Pre-Compliance measurements simple and straightforward. Limit lines for FCC Part 15A/B, CISPR 11A/B, and CISPR 22A/B are stored internally for easy display on the measurement screen. These EMC specifications cover most of the requirements for Information Technology Equipment, as well as Medical, Scientific, and Industrial Equipment. The Calibrated E-Field and H-Field Probes check EMC Pre-Compliance and are also invaluable for locating problems and measuring the effectiveness of design solutions. The result is improved time-to-market which is critical for success in today's economy.

The broadband Active Antenna is ideal for Field Strength Measurements as well as Pre-Compliance testing of devices which are intentional radiators. The Active Antenna has a frequency range of 30 MHz to 1024 MHz but is less than 3 inches (1.2 cm) long. It connects directly onto the SMA input connector of the 401B Spectrum Analyzer. It is calibrated in dBV/m and has a sensitivity of 57 dBV/m. The Model 401B automatically compensates for the antenna factor as well as the built-in gain of the Active Antenna. The 401B sweeps rapidly, typically 300 ms, across the entire frequency range, so Field Strength measurements are simple, broadband, and quick.

The external Preamplifier accessory has a bandwidth of 1 MHz to 1024 MHz and a gain of 26dB. The Type N Male input connector mates directly with most EMC measuring antennas. A simple SMA cable can be used to connect the output of the Preamplifier to the input of the Model 401B Spectrum Analyzer. The Model 401B directly powers the Preamplifier so no external power supply is required.

All measurement functions of the Model 401B are programmable through its serial interface. This makes the Model 401B ideal for remote sensing applications due to its small size, light weight, and low cost. Measurement data from the 401B can be downloaded to a PC as a bitmap of the screen display or as tabular data in Microsoft Excel format. Bantam Instruments includes Microsoft Windows compatible software to download measurement data which can be archived on the PC hard drive or printed when a hard copy is desired.

The Model 401B Personal Spectrum Analyzer sells for $2995, which includes the active E-Field Probe, soft carrying case, 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz battery charger, serial cable, and PC Enhancement software. The Model 401B carries the CE Mark so it meets most worldwide EMC and safety requirements. The active accessories range from $150 to $250 and delivery of all items is stock.

Model 401B Personal Spectrum Analyzer